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When Heaven meets Hell, two unite as one.

A low-slung Italian Red Bugatti Chiron glided to the curb. Its idling engine purred like a week-old kitten.

Leather-gloved fingers drummed on the black leather steering wheel, the silver of the initials of Ettore Bugatti inlaid in the centre of it twinkling in the waning light.

Unnecessary aviator sunglasses covered…

We were a perfect fit

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“Hey, what about this one?” We spoke in unison. I held a deep crimson cocktail dress against me. She had a little black dress covering her curves.

“Oh, my goodness. We did it again.” Katie, my new neighbour, laughed as she grabbed my hand and dragged me into the dressing…

Erotica/Fem Dom

Never knew I’d love being tied down by just one woman

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I watched her walk into the room. Head to toe in indigo leather. Demi-cup bustier, her large dark pink nipples standing at attention and on display. Matching violet garter and stockings on long legs ending in four-inch purple Louboutins. Violet ribbon lacing ran up the front and the back.


We showed them how it was done

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“Excuse me, sir.” I peeked around the oak door, purple file folder in hand. “Do you have a minute? To go over the Filmore file?”

At his nod, I dropped the file on his desk and leaned over his desk, pointing out the discrepancies. …

Awe, thank you! One of the best compliments I could receive. Glad to bring the 'glory days' back for you.

Thanks for reading!

Erotica|Car Sex

I loved driving her home

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Full moon beamed down, white racing stripes on the hood of my bright blue sixty-eight Shelby Mustang luminescent in its light. The Eagles’ Hotel California blasted from the stereo. We both sang along at the top of our lungs.

Windows open, hoots of a pair of owls blew in on…

Beware the false angel

Woman in red dress
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I’d spent the past year planning it. The perfect revenge.

I spent hours of my life crying. Days getting over the initial shock. Weeks realizing my life wouldn’t be what I imagined. Months to brainstorm, organize, and implement what needed to be done.

Today was the day. Vengeance, a tricky…

Wow... phew. Someone needs a cold shower now.

Me, I'm someone. ;-)

Thanks for this Monday morning sensual pick-me-up. And thanks for the mention. <3

Morning fog, like a warm hug, keeps the monsters at bay

Rain splattered the windows all day, bouncing off the ground in hard, piercing pellets. Livestock herded into the barn bleated and mooed their displeasure at being contained, wanting and needing to be out in the fields as they liked.

I spent the evening in my antique rocking chair on the…

Heather C Holmes

Prolific, Spirited Storyteller not to be penned in by any one genre. If I can imagine it, I write it. The harder, more intense the story is, the better it is.

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