Road tripping and making memories

Photo by Siddharth S on Unsplash

Blue ’46 Mercury
barrelling down
black asphalt.
young love,
feet on the dashboard.
Holding hands at the
Drive-in on a
Saturday night.

White ’57 Thunderbird
down the freeway.
Two kids,
one puppy,
loving parents.
Hugs from grandparents
and laughing with cousins,
during cherished
Summers by the shore.

Green ’65 Galaxie 500
Top down,
Sunglasses on,
Herman and his Hermits
wooing Mrs. Brown’s
daughter on the radio.
Son heading to Vietnam.
Daughter protesting it.
Older dog missing them both.
Worry, love, pride
crowd the heart while
anxiously waiting for letters home.

Burgundy ’77 Lincoln Continental
vinyl bench seats,
8-track player,
grey everywhere.

Affection or deception?

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Hubby had a health scare recently. His narcissistic mother got herself together and acted like a mother. Emotional, affectionate, attentive… all the things she isn’t in a normal situation.

“Mom actually acted like a mother for once.”

I smirked and walked away when I saw her fawning all over him. What could I say? She was the mother he needed her to be right then. He noticed and commented on it.

But I knew the truth.

Once it no longer served her purpose, as soon as she was out of the ‘worried mother’ spotlight, she’d revert to her usual self again.

She’d done it before.

It was such a…

Their victim card is the ace up their sleeve

Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash

Narcissists are


Not that any of the above is a surprise for those of us who know, and are supposed to love, a narcissist in our lives. Sometimes it’s a friend or child. Most of the time it’s a parent or lover.

They enter our lives as fun, loving and attentive additions to our circle. Luring us in with compliments and false sincerity. We fall for their act. Embrace their affection. Encourage the relationship. Love the attention… in the beginning.

At one point or another, the new wears off and the shine dulls, revealing the narcissist behind the…

Part 3

Love of art links their hearts for eternity

Photo by Aarzoo Jacob on Unsplash

Heart pounding in his chest, Clint rapped on Tilly’s door. He moved the large floral bouquet from one arm to the other, the lilac and lily of the valley scent enveloping him. Breath held in anticipation, he waited for the woman of his dreams to admit him into her home. Into her arms. Hopefully into her bed.

All the dirty, sexy things he wished to indulge in with her sent blood rushing south of his belt line. Lips yearned to kiss a trail down to the apex of her thighs. Hands itched to stroke and tease her silken skin. …

Part 2

Somebody’s watching you

Photo by Peter Forster on Unsplash

Two weeks passed since their first date. Tilly sat in their booth, basking in the warm sun, waiting on Clint. Even though Tilly wasn’t looking for love when they met, it found her anyway. From what he kept telling her, it found Clint that day too. Tilly looked forward to having him with her always.

“Darling,” Clint kissed her temple as he slid in beside her, “I’ve missed you. Hope you had a good morning.”

Eyes bright, Tilly pressed a kiss to his lips and sighed. “Much better now, that’s for sure.”

The lovebirds settled in, getting caught up over…

Part 1

Brewing up love over a latte and a muffin

Photo by Briana Tozour on Unsplash

Coffee in hand, a watery smile played across her lips as she whispered her gratitude. Feet shuffling, effort almost more than she could bear, the young woman headed to the table in the corner, dropping into the hard wooden booth with a sigh.

She sensed it would be another tough day. Eyes closed, face raised, tears slipped between her lashes as she soaked up the warmth of the wintery sun streaming through the window. Discouraged, she worked through her latest creation in her mind.

After weeks of work and planning, that latest acquisition of hers failed. Now she needed to…

In a male-oriented society, women are still given that scarlett letter while men are patted on the back.

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

I recently read an article on infidelity and its place as a feminist issue. The argument that women should never engage in affairs because it hurts other women and is anti-feminist was not without merit. The article prompted me to look up the definition of feminism and feminist. I found it interesting to see the flex people put on those two terms.

Feminism: a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that aim to define and establish the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.

Feminist: someone who supports feminism

This is where I find the claim…

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