A poem

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Find your way.
Seek your fortune.
Everything connected,
mercilessly entwined.

Your tribe
gathers ‘round,
taking moments
of sanity and clarity
in a time of uncertainty
and disruption.

Seek your fortune.
Find what works.
Explore limitations
and find new ways
to be the best version
of you you can be.

Expand your horizons
find ways to
achieve your goals.
Level of difficulty
easier than expectations

Explore connections,
attachments, and
See where your
wants and desires
lead you.
Surprise is on your side.

Take chances.
On yourself,
your loved ones
and those who
can help you
with your goals.


Ritual of the Full Moon

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Bright moonlight showcases the small clearing. Giant midnight blue shadows stand guard along the perimeter, leaves swishing softly in the breeze. Rabbits, foxes, raccoons, skunks and other small wildlife sit around the clearing, keeping watch. They wait for the honoured guests to arrive.

As the moon crests the tops of the trees, a slow melodic drum beat echoes through the trees. A procession of green velvet caped women enters from the north while a line of red velvet-caped women come in from the south. Silver velvet capes adorn the shoulders of the women who walk in from the east, and…

You don’t choose who to fall in love with

Photo by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash

If you told me my future husband would sit beside his wife as someone introduced us — yes, I said wife, not ex-wife — I would have said you were crazy. I would never try to come between a husband and wife. My Mama raised me better than that… didn’t she?

Never envisioned myself as someone’s mistress or the one to break up a marriage, but there I was, all the same. A relationship with a married man ran against every moral code I believed in. Moral codes I shattered the day I met my husband.

I flirted with a…

A surprise visitor brings more questions than answers

Photo by Mulyadi on Unsplash

“Bye guys, have a good day at school!”

“Bye Mumma!”

“Have a good day, Mum.”

Carly and Rudy settled into the truck with their Dad. I waved as he backed out of the driveway. There were only a few weeks left in the school year, then both kids were off to new experiences. In the fall, Carly would be in grade nine and Rudy in grade seven. High school and middle school. I shook my head, still trying to figure out where the time went. I swear, just last week they were little kids watching Sesame Street. …

All any of us wanted to do was make a difference

Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri on pexels.com

I turned into the office and grabbed my pen and notebook as I pulled my feet under me on the couch. The green glowing orb shimmered and hung in the middle of the room, the soldier visible within it now. I got myself comfortable. The orb faded from around the veteran and he sat in the chair across from me.

That’s better. Nice to meet you, Lieutenant.

He smiled a greeting. A raised eyebrow, and a nod told me I guessed his rank correctly. The Lieutenant was a good-looking young man, a cross between Cary Grant and Ben Affleck, with…

The man in the light has something to say

Photo by Isabella Mendes on Unsplash

Thursdays were always busy days for us, filled with activities for the kids, Geordie, and myself. With little time for me to breathe those days, I looked forward to the kids’ bedtimes and my downtime afterward. Every week, I awaited the time I could kick back and relax for a while. Tonight was no exception.

As a spiritual medium, I hosted a spiritual development circle every Thursday night. A group of us met for meditation, to share messages and strengthen our connections with spirit. An unexpected visitor named Roy joined me during my meditation tonight and I couldn’t get him…

Honouring the dawn of the summer of their lives

Photo by Josh Rose on Unsplash

Sky streaked with purple, orange, and pink, the young woman stood at the end of the dock watching the sunrise over the lake. Blue Jays called each other to the peanuts. Two nuthatches pecked at the bird feeder hanging from the willow tree on the shore. A blue heron stood in the reeds a little further down the lake and a barred owl hooted a sleepy goodnight.

One hand rubbing her belly, soothing the baby within, she took a deep breath to steady herself, allowing the messages and peace the birds…

Time served for loving someone

Photo by Maranda Vandergriff on Unsplash

Notifications dinged. Lock screen lit up. Preview showed an unknown number sent me a text. It was unusual to get texts from unknown numbers just before midnight. In my line of business, it happened more often than not.

As a social worker dedicated to getting disadvantaged, abused and displaced youth off the streets, I often got called out in the middle of the night.

I threw my blankets off with a sigh and swung my legs to the floor. Head in my hands, I grunted and reached for my phone.

Unknown: Hey, you awake?

Me: Depends. Who is this?


Idyllic families existed only in fairy tales, but where there is love, there is perfection

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

The kitchen smelled glorious. Our Maytag double oven was earning its keep with a prime rib in the big oven, green bean casserole in the little one and potatoes boiling away on the stovetop. Dinner was well on its way to being ready when Geordie and the kids got home two hours after my meditation.

“Oh, Sarah. The roast smells delicious. I can’t wait for dinner.” Geordie mimed wiping drool from his chin before pulling me into his arms for a kiss.

“Yeah, Sarah, everything’s mouthwatering. Got enough for all of us?” …

Controversy in the time of COVID

Photo by Roland Samuel on Unsplash

Karl walked into the air-conditioned building

Karl walked into the air-conditioned building, briefcase and takeout breakfast in one hand. He lifted his coffee in greeting to the security guard on duty.

Steve and Karl watched each other’s families change over the past nine years, from birthdays to weddings, then funerals, and one divorce.

Their quiet, easy friendship was something they both treasured.

As always, Steve waved him through the metal detector and they have their morning catch up with one another. Although the face masks they wore muffled their words, their smiles and genuine affection for one another shone through.

Heather C Holmes

Indie Author, Medium, Blogger, Wife, Mum, Sister, & Friend to most. Not necessarily in that order. Writes spiritual, erotic, thriller & everything in between.

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